Welcome to the Interactive Systems for Individuals with Special needs (ISIS) Lab web page! The ISIS Lab is led by Associate Professor Sri Kurniawan. The long term research agenda of ISIS Lab is to help people with special needs (PSN) maintain a high quality of life through technology. PSN include people with disabilities, older persons, young children, people in the developing countries and people with low socioeconomic status and education; in general those who require special accommodation when learning and using technology. For more information please refer to our About page.  

Picture of the ISIS graduate students with Prof. Sri Kurniawan

Picture of Prof. Sri Kurniawan with the ISIS graduate students (From the top left to right: Peter Cottrell, Luke Buschmann, and Dustin Adams. From the bottom left to right: Prof. Sri Kurniawan, Lourdes Morales-Villaverde, and Zak Rubin)




  • Dustin Adams was featured in the news. Please check out the article.


  • Peter Cottrell received the UCSC Chancellor's Graduate Internship
  • Sean-Ryan Smith and Peter Cottrell were accepted into the ASSETS 2015 Doctoral Consortium


  • Zak Rubin - ARCS Fellowship recipient


  • The group working on the "Vibrotactile Guidance System for Wayfinding of Blind Walkers" project got a paper accepted into IEEE Transactions on Haptics.


  • Sean Smith was accepted into the Web For All (W4A) 2015 Doctoral Consortium


  • We made our Indiegogo campaign's target thanks to matching funds by UCSC Office of Research and the Office of the Dean of Baskin School of Engineering!



  • Lourdes Morales featured in UCSC News 
  • Poster by Luke Buschmann, Lourdes Morales and Sri Kurniawan accepted - ASSETS 2014
  • Demo by Sri Kurniawan (and a group of capstone design project students) accepted - ASSETS 2014.
  • Journal paper by Zak Rubin and Sri Kurniawan (And UCDMC people) accepted (pending revision) into the Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal
  • Dustin Adams was awarded the Chancellor's Teaching Fellowship
  • Dustin Adam was awarded the Chancellor's Graduate Internship
  • Zak Rubin won 2nd place in Big Ideas 2014.


Some more news (and it's not April's Fool Day)

  • Zak Rubin and Lourdes Morales accepted into ICCHP YRC
  • Paper by Zak Rubin and Sri Kurniawan accepted - ICCHP 2014
  • Paper by Lourdes Morales, Sonia Arteaga, Peter Cottrell, and Sri Kurniawan accepted - ICCHP 2014
  • Paper by Sri Kurniawan (and Roberto Manduchi, Katia Obraczka, German Flores) accepted - ICCHP 2014
  • Paper by Sri Kurniawan (and Claude Chapdelaine from CRIM Montreal, Anne Jarry from Universite de Montreal) accepted - CSUN 2014


Many things had happened since the last update

  • Sean Smith received the NSF EAPSI award to IBM Research Japan (Summer 2014)
  • Sri Kurniawan gave a keynote speech at Western SASE conference
  • Zak Rubin is a finalist for BigIdeas@Berkeley 2014
  • Dustin Adams and Sri Kurniawan won the MobileHCI 2013 Design Competition
  • Dustin Adams and Lourdes Morales were accepted into the ASSETS 2013 Doctoral Consortium
  • Poster by Sean Smith, Lourdes Morales, and Sri Kurniawan accepted at ASSETS 2013


It's been a big first year for ISIS! Here's a quick overview:

  • Paper by Zak Rubin accepted at PETRA 2013
  • Zak Rubin - NSF Doctoral Consortium Travel Scholarship Recipient for PETRA 2013
  • Paper by Dustin Adams and Lourdes Morales accepted at PETRA 2013
  • Dustin Adams - NSF Doctoral Consortium Travel Scholarship Recipient for PETRA 2013
  • Paper by Dustin Adams accepted at CHI 2013 (as a full paper)
  • Work in Progress submission by Lourdes Morales, Sonia Arteaga, and Sri Kurniawan acepted at CHI 2013
  • Dustin Adams won Second Place in BigIdeas@Berkeley
  • Peter Cottrell won First Place in BigIdeas@Berkeley
  • Lourdes Morales - NSF GRFP Recipient
  • Peter Cottrell - UCSC Dean's Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
  • Peter Cottrell - UCSC Cancellor's Undergraduate Research Award Recipient
  • Zak's research project was featured in Science Note: Palatable Speech by Thomas Sumner


Congratulations to Dustin for a successful CHI 2013 submission!


Congratulations to Dustin and Peter for being finalists in the BigIdeas@Berkeley Contest!